Laparoscopic Management of Hydatid Disease of the Liver in 13 year Old Patient – a Case Report

Laparoscopic Management of Hydatid Disease of the Liver in 13 year Old Patient – a Case Report

Tahir Shenol 1, Jovanovska Frosina 1, Mustafova Alma 2, Bundovska Marija3, Panik Katarina 1, Markov Petar 2, Ambardjieva Martina 1

1University Surgical Clinic- St. Naum Ohridski- Skopje, N. Macedonia

2General Hospital in Strumica, N. Macedonia.

3General Hospital “8th September” – Skopje, N. Macedonia

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Asst. Prof. of Digestive Surgery, Faculty for Medical Sciences, University “Goce Delchev”, Shtip
Digestive and general surgeon
University Clinic for Surgical Diseases “St.Naum Ohridski”, Skopje, North Macedonia.
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Introduction: Echinococcosis has a global distribution, with varying prevalence rates depending on geographical regions and livestock practices. It represents a significant public health concern. The surgical management of hydatid disease of the liver requires a nuanced understanding of the disease’s pathology, the surgical techniques available, and the patient’s individual factors.

Case report: A 13-year-old girl went to our clinic complaining of stomach discomfort, fatigue, and nausea for months. Laboratory and radiologic tests were conducted. A preoperative diagnosis was established. The patient was treated using a laparoscopic approach. The surgical procedure included the removal of the cyst without any inadvertent leakage. The patient was administered albendazole. Subsequent routine examinations revealed no anomalies.

Discussion: Laparoscopic surgery for pediatric hepatic hydatid disease is becoming more popular. It has less postoperative discomfort, shorter hospital stays, and better aesthetic results than open surgery. Hydatid disease care is complicated by cyst rupture, which may cause allergic responses and daughter cyst spread. The laparoscopic method reduces this risk.

Conclusion: With specific precautions, laparoscopic therapy of hydatid cysts of the liver may be done safely and effectively. Surgeons must also be knowledgeable about the surgical treatment of this condition, as well as laparoscopic methods.

Key words: Hepatic cyst, Hydatid disease, Echinococcocus granulosus, Laparoscopy

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